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WICKWAR Security Token

Wickwar has been making its exclusive despatch red boxes for over 200 years. This London-based business makes handmade, bespoke items for elite clients. These include Theresa May, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and even the Queen of the United Kingdom, herself.  

Despatch boxes were originally used by British Members of Parliament to carry documents into the Commons Chamber. Two can now be found permanently in the Chamber on the central table and contain religious texts of the Oath for the day. Frontbenchers (ministers and shadow ministers) deliver their addresses from their side's despatch box. The despatch boxes in use today were gifts from New Zealand and designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to replace the boxes destroyed during bombings in the Second World War.

Now, Wickwar is working on its security token offering (STO) where investors are offered tokens to benefit from the possibility of token appreciation or unlocking the ecosystem’s utility. They are looking to raise funds in UK of about £2 million, eventually being valued at approximately £8 million. Wickwar is fully regulated under UK prospectus regulation with tokens in Ethereum ERC 1400 and tied to shares of 1 token which would be equal to 1 share £1 each. Funds raised will be used to expand the output of the factory and the workshop as well as to expand supply into Asia, due to a recent order of 100 units, where each unit retails for £5000.

Token holders are entitled to purchase products at cost price, they will also able to purchase products at cost price and then list them on their company websites to re-sell them at whatever retail price you see fit for a profit. There's also a privilege scheme that includes exclusive factory visits and invitations to VIP events.

Their brands include Barrow Hepburn & Gale, the Bermondsey firm which long made the ministerial despatch boxes2. These boxes were originally used to transport secret documents from Number 11 to the House of Commons. Eventually, the little red box became synonymous with the Chancellor’s speech on budget day. Barrow and Gale, the famous leather good company, were the natural partners in the making of TheRedbox, since being established in 17503.

In time, it became common practice for retired prime ministers, and other distinguished leaders to keep a little red box as a symbol of the power and prestige of the position they previously held. One can now join the exclusive club together with the likes of Barack Obama and Margaret Thatcher and become an owner of a little red box although it's not the real thing.

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